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Aachen Cathedral

Aachen's drawing card is its cathedral, the coronation Church of some 30 Holy Roman emperors. The church was the brainchild of Charlemagne, who is buried here. 

Aachen's compact city centre is contained within two ring roads and is best explored on foot. The inner ring road encloses the Alstadt proper and is called Grabenring because it's composed of segments all ending in "graben" (meaning "moat").

The Hauptbahnhof is south-east of the town centre just beyond allering, the outer ring road. To get to the Dom and the Altstadt centre, head north from the train station for about 10 to 15 minutes. The Busbahnhof is at the north-eastern edge of the Grabenring on the corner of Kurhausstasse and Peterstrasse.

Online information on Aachen is available under: http://www.aachen-tourist.de/.