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Instructions for Authors

Important Information for ECOC 2007 Presenting Authors

Dear ECOC 2007 speaker,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you as a session speaker to ECOC 2007 in Berlin. In order to ensure a smooth course during "your" session, we kindly ask you to consider the following instructions:

  • Each session has a length of 105 min, and it contains 5 to 7 papers papers to be presented. The time slot for each presentation is 15 minutes for regular presentations, 30 minutes for invited talks and 60 minutes for tutorials.  
    Session chairs have been instructed to rigorously enforce the schedule, i.e., to strictly obey the length of a presentation. We kindly ask you for your understanding and for your cooperation in keeping the schedule.
  • Be at the room of your session 15 minutes before session start, so that you can meet your session chairs and the other speakers in advance.
  • A video projector and a note book will be available in all conference rooms. Overhead projectors will be provided on demand.
  • Media Check Room:  will be available for ECOC paper presenters only. In order to avoid any problems with character styles etc. we kindly ask you to test the correct functioning of your presentation in the media check room before your session starts.

    Please send in advance your slides to vde-conferences@vde.com latest by September 6th, 2007. In case that you can not provide them on time provide your slides on an USB memory stick or CD-ROM in MS-Power Point or Adobe PDF format, and give them to the person in charge in the Media Check room. Please verify before the session starts, that your presentation is running well and that the beamer meets your needs.


Instructions for Poster Presenters

 When preparing the Poster, presenters should have in mind the objective of capturing the interest of attendees to the work that is being presented. The quality of the presentation stimulates the attention from the audience, and improves the overall satisfaction of the community attending the conference. Use an appropriate font size allowing posters to be readable by delegates 1.5 m away. The poster message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation. Further, we would like to call the attention of poster presenters to the following items:

  • Each poster board is marked with the assigned poster reference number, corresponding to the final conference program. Authors are required to use only the boards corresponding to their posters.
  • Posters should be put on the board before the beginning of the poster session.
  • Posters should be fixed to the poster board using scotch tape or power strips, any perforating hardware is not permitted. Do not write or paint on the poster boards.
  • Authors are required to stand by their posters during the whole posters session, and to remove their posters from the boards immediately after the end of the poster session. Posters left on the boards after the poster sessions, will not be remitted by the organisers.
  • The area you will have to your disposition will be approx. 200 cm x 112.5 cm (width x height). See attached picture