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Social Program and Sightseeing
  • Get-Together Reception, Sunday, 16 September - 18:00 - 19:30
    ( ICC Roofgarden)
    The Entrance is free of charge for ECOC Conference Delegates
  • Welcome Reception, Monday, 17 September - 19:00 - 21:00
    ( ICC Main Lobby)
    The Entrance is free of charge for ECOC Conference Delegates 
  • Conference Dinner, Wednesday 19 September
    Upon availability only ! On Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 the Conference Dinner will take place in the Technical Museum. It is planned to have a transfer from the ICC with a Historical Train. Since the capacity of the train is limited, it is highly recommanded to book on time. Tickets will be provided on a first come first served basis. Please note that the booking of the tickets for the train is only possible in conjunction of the booking of the Ticket for the Conference Dinner!

18:30 Transfer from the ICC with a Historical Train
19:30 - 23:00 Conference Dinner (German Museum of Technology, Berlin)
Upon availability only ! Since the places in the Technical Museum are limited, it is highly recommanded to book on time. Tickets will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Sightseeing in Berlin: The Agency "Zeitreisen" proposes the following tours:
( you can download the brochure of the proposed tours)

For reservation of the following tours or for price information please contact :
Zeitreisen - Veranstaltungs- und Projektmanagement
Unter den Linden 40
10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30/44024450
Fax: +49-30/44024448
E-mail: ak@zeit-reisen.de
Internet: www.zeit-reisen.de

1. Old and New Berlin: City Tour by bus
Old or new, east or west, gaudy or decayed: Berlin has many faces. The tour shows the contrasts of the city. Different stopovers and short promenades allow a deeper insight. In the focus of the bus tour are several squares and streets, which are both famous and antithetic: Gendarmen-Markt, Schlossplatz, Alexanderplatz, Platz der Republik and Potsdamer Platz.

2. Videobustour: The Time Travel Shuttle
“A totally new tourism experience – it’s amazing that no one came up with this sooner” (RBB Evening News, April 29, 2004)  The Time Travel Shuttle makes Berlin’s history clear and animated. This is a totally new city tour by bus. The bus is outfitted with flat screens. While at the historical places, the screens present film sequences and play sound recordings which will be explained by a historian. So it will be easy to compare the present with the past. This combination of city bus tour and historic film footage in one is unique in Europe.  Via the screens on the bus, you’ll see the former City Palace while on site at the Palace Square; You can look into the interior of Hitler’s Reich Chancellery; Drive with John F. Kennedy through Berlin, and see the Wall fall again! Our route also covers the classic sightseeing attractions and ends in the heart of the contemporary city.  Sightseeing Stopovers: We can leave the bus for a deeper experience of some historical places. For example we show you, what happened to Hitler’s Reich Chancellery or where to find the last traces of the Berlin Wall.

3. Boat-Trip: Berlin by the Water
Berlin has more waterways than Venice. The river Spree takes you directly along Berlin’s main sights. Enjoy unusual glances at the city from an historical steamer of the thirties.  The Tour we would recommend starts near the city centre on the historical Oberbaumbrücke and would end at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. This allows you an excellent survey of the history of Berlin, including those of the Wall, the Isle of Museums, the Parliament and the new Chancellery.   Enjoy Berlin from an unusual perspective and without any traffic problems. Our Zeitreisen-Guides will entertain you with inventive and exciting stories.

4. Magic of the Backyards
No other quarter in Berlin offers so many stories and images, so many curios and so much mediativeness, as the area called “Scheunenviertel” around of the “Hackesche Höfe” and the Oranienburger Straße. On our walkabout we want to search beyond the normal tourist routes and take a look behind the facades.  In the focus are the “magical backyards”, the Jewish Quarter and the art-ist’s milieu in the district Berlin-Mitte.

5. Jewish Berlin: Yesterday and Today
Berlin is a city that was strongly shaped by Jewish traditions. On the tour we will meet Jewish history from the middle ages up to the present. Many traces of Jewish life in Berlin have been destroyed but some still exist. We’ll find remains of the first Synagogue and the first Jewish cemetery in Berlin, the Jewish school and hospital. Afterwards we will visit the famous Neue Synagoge with the golden cupola.  Finally we are going to visit a very secret spot: a hiding place for Jewish people from 1941-1943 in an old building near Hackescher Markt.  This tour would be a walkabout through the Jewish quarter, but it can be booked as a bus-tour, too. Then it would include a stopover at the Holocaust-Memorial.

6. Cooking Event: New Berlin Cuisine
Please follow us on a culinary expedition! A young German cooking team – the media already call them the „Oliver Jamies” of Berlin – initiates you in the characteristic and noteworthiness of the Berlin and German cuisine. You will recognise this cuisine as much better than its reputation - Berlin “Boulette” und potato salad as a special experience!   The collective cooking will become a mutual communicative event, a cooking party supported by the coolness of the extraordinary chef de cuisine and the smooth sound of the music. Discover your own creativity and regale yourself with the delicious outcomes of your efforts.  The event takes place in a typical Loft in a Berlin backyard. If the weather is good, we will dine in the backyard.

7. City of Design
Since January 2006 Berlin is officially known as the up to now only European metropolis with the title „City of Design“. Through this choice of the UNESCO, Berlin has changed its image from an arcane hot spot to the well-known European capital of art, design and fashion. There are about 6.300 companies of young designers, couturiers and architects located in Berlin.  On our journey through this vibrant part of the city we will get to know some creative entrepreneurs from different branches. By visiting some selected galleries and studios you will learn about the „fusion concept“, which is typically for Berlin. Enjoy some exclusive insights, look behind the scenes and discuss the newest trends and developments with a youngster from the design business.   Furthermore we will visit branches of international designers, which enrich Berlin with their futuristic compositions      We will finish our tour in the sparkling district „Mitte“ with a placid promenade through the „Hackesche Höfe”, which provides an impressive ensemble of shops, galleries and restaurants.

8. World Cultural Heritage: The Isle of Museums
The Isle of Museums, World Cultural Heritage since 1996, is an unique ensemble of buildings like „Altes Museum“, „Alte Nationalgalerie“, „Pergamonmuseum“ or the “Bode-Museum”, which has only been opened for a short time.  Explore the Isle in an especially intensive manner. Experts will guide us to the highlights of the Isle: the buste of Nofretete (Nefertiti), the altar of Pergamon and the masterpieces of Claude Monet – something for everybody to acquire a taste for it.   But have also an insight into the other highlights of the museums islands: for example the Berliner Dom, the huge cathedral built by the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II.

9. Movies made in Berlin: The Cinema on Wheels
The „Oscar“ for the German film „The life of the others“ has proven: The Cinema City Berlin is attractive as never before. Numerous films in the past and the present utilize the city as film location and backdrop.   A bus will bring you to some wellknown film locations and show you the most exciting scenes filmed there. The tour includes famous movies like “The life of the others” (Oscar in 2006); “Good bye Lenin”, “Run, Lola, run” and many more. The scenes will be shown on video screens in the bus, which were transformed into a “Cinema on Wheels” before.