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Conference Topics

Deadline for Papers:  August 18, 2006

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The program committee requests contributions on the topics listed below.


Mask Manufacturing
Pattern Generation and Data Preparation
Photomask Processes and Materials
Mask Process Yield
PS-Mask and Masks for OPC
Mask for NGL: E-Beam, EUV, NIL…
Defect Inspection and Repair
Cleaning and Pelliclization

Other Mask Topics

Mask Cost and Mask CoO
Future Mask Demand
Mask Business Considerations

Lithography and Mask Applications

Resolution Enhancement Techniques
Mask Defect Printability
Optical Materials
Immersion Lithography
Immersion Defectivity
Alternate Immersion Fluids
Emerging Lithography Technologies: 157nm, EUV; X-Ray and Nanoimprint and embossing
Double exposure lithography strategies
Maskless lithography techniques

Mask and Lithography Equipment 



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