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Manuscripts should be sent as soon as possible (deadline: January 14th 2008)  to the Program- and the Conference Chairpersons: Dr. Uwe Behringer (uwe.behringer.ubc@t-online.de), Dr. Wilhelm Maurer (wilhelm.maurer@infineon.com) and  Mr. Jacques Waelpoel (jacques.waelpoel@asml.nl).

Since the manuscripts will be directly reproduced in the proceedings, please send them as a pdf-file by E-Mail. Graphics and figures must be included at the proper place in the document. The manuscripts should be between 6 and 12 pages (figures included). Please follow the formatting and further guidelines provided in the sample manuscript here and use this template:

Your last option to deliver the manuscript will be the first day of the conference, Tuesday, 22nd, 2008.

Manuscripts not received until the first day of the conference will not be published in the combined SPIE/VDE volume and will not be a part of the SPIE Digital Library.

Manuscripts not received until the first day of the conference can not be elected for best paper resp. best poster. Each attendee of the conference will receive one copy of the proceedings as a CD which will be sent after the event.

Please send the copyright form for the SPIE volume (6792) to copyrights@spie.org .

We would like to point out that authors declare consent to the regulations (settlements) of VDE Verlag GmbH on submitting their papers. The copyright agreement of VDE Verlag GmbH you can find at  http://www.vde.com (navigating to "Events" and then follow the button "Typing instructions").
In case you have not provided the conference chair, Dr. Behringer (uwe.behringer.ubc@t-online.de) with some data of your curriculum vitae so as to enable us to introduce you before the presentation of your paper, please send it as soon as possible.


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