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Abstract Information

Deadline for Abstracts: September 26th, 2008

Abstract quality will be the basis for selection of conference presentations. The abstracts will be assessed for:

• Originality of work
• Specific results that have been obtained
• Potential impact and interest to the attendees.

Therefore, we highly recommend your abstracts to be composed in a way that they can clearly describe the content of the presentation. The abstracts should consist of at least one page of text (minimum of 1000 words) and meaningful figures.

Commercial papers, papers with no new research/development content and papers where significant information is missing will not be accepted. All accepted abstracts will be printed, bound and handed out to the participants of the conference. When writing your abstract, please use the template below:

Template for Abstracts

A sample you can find here.

Please send your abstract as a MS-Word® file
to the Conference Chair, Dr. Uwe Behringer: uwe.behringer.ubc@t-online.de,
to the Program Chair, Dr. Wilhelm Maurer:     wilhelm.maurer@infineon.com,
and to the VDE/VDI-GMM:                                   gmm@vde.com.

Please be aware:  If you submit an abstract, you agree to submit a manuscript in time.

Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their submissions by October 24th 2008; further information as to the  format, layout instructions and additional information on your presentation will be provided at that time.


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