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Author Information

For Oral Presenters, 
We would like to draw the attention of all oral presenters to the following items: 

  • Be at the room of your session 15 minutes before session start, so that you can meet your session chairs and the other speakers in advance.

  • Please download the CV form (click here to download pdf or doc), fill it in and hand it to the session chair before start of the session.  In case you have not done this in advance, please ask for a CV form at the conference office.

  • Video projectors, as well as laptops, will be available in all conference rooms. No overhead projectors will be provided. 

  • A copy of your .ppt or .pdf presentation should be sent to ber@comnets.rwth-aachen.de, by April 7, 2005. After this date, speakers should bring their .ppt or .pdf presentation with them stored on CD-ROM or USB drive. 

  • We kindly ask you to not use your personal laptop for the presentation to avoid cable switching delays. 
     Please, name your files in the following way, when sending them in by E-Mail: 
          - SessionNumber_AuthorLastName.pdf or      
          - SessionNumber_AuthorLastName.ppt  

  • Laptops are available in the session rooms running WindowsXP operating system, and having PowerPoint Office XP/2003 and Acrobat Reader installed. 

  • Please test the correct functioning of your presentation before session start.

  • It is most important to be within strict time constraints to allow the presentations to fit within the assigned time periods. Presenters should prepare their talks for 
        - 15 minutes for all normal papers 
        -  <>20 minutes for invited papers