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Call for Papers
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Calendar of Events:

  • Deadline for draft paper submission:      30. September 2007
  • Notification of paper acceptance:            15. December 2007
  • Deadline for final paper submission
    and conference registration
    :                  01. March 2008 (extended until March 15, 2008)
  • Tutorials:                                             01. June 2008
  • Conference EUSAR 2008:                      02.-05. June 2008
  • Technical Tour:                                    06. June 2008

Paper Submission Instructions

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For question concerning abstracts, papers, conference program, please contact:
Christoph Heer, C. Fischer (both Astrium)
EUSAR 2008 Local Organisation
c/o EADS Astrium GmbH
88039 Friedrichshafen, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 7545 / 8-4319
Fax: +49 (0) 7545 / 8-4177
E-Mail: eusar2008@astrium.eads.net

Conference Topics
(A)      SAR/ISAR Systems  and Sensors
A1       Airborne SAR-Systems and Missions
 A2       Space-borne SAR Systems and Missions  TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT 2, COSMO-SkyMed,...       
 A3       Inverse SAR Systems (ISAR)        
 A4       SAR System Simulation and Modelling   
 A5       Advanced SAR Modes (ScanSAR, Spotlight, Squint, Bistatic)
 A6       Very Low Frequency SAR Systems         
 A´7      Ultra Wide Bandwidth and High Resolution SAR
(B)      SAR/ISAR Technology   
B1       SAR Antennas, T/R Modules, and Phased Arrays, Digital Beam Forming
 B2       SAR Technology (Waveform generators, high speed AD-converters, ...)
 B3       SAR Calibration and Verification (Radiometric, Polarimetric and Interferometric)  
 B4       Terrestrial SAR Tools, Artificial Targets and Transponders
 B5       Urban SAR Surveillance
(C)      SAR/ISAR Signal Processing   
C1       SAR Image generation, Motion Compensation and Geocoding (ScabSAR, TOPS)
 C2       Signal Processing for Advanced SAR Modes (Spotlight, Squint, Bistatic)
 C3       ISAR Signal Processing    
 C4       Along and Across-Track Interferometry   
 C5       Multiple Pass, Differential Interferometry and SAR Tomography         
 C6       Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry        
 C7       Spaceborne Moving Target Detection, STAP, Change Detection    
 C8       On-Board/Real-Time SAR Processing
(D)      SAR/ISAR Data Evaluation and Handling     
D1       Post-Processing Techniques        
 D2       Image Filtering, Correction and Enhancement   
 D3       Feature Extraction and Analysis, Image Classification 
 D4       Data Mining and Value-Adding     
 D5       Data Compression 
 D6       Archiving, Data Formats and Distribution           
 D7       Data Fusion 
 D8       Product Validation  
(E)      Innovative SAR Concepts and Applications
E1       Next Generation SAR Systems, Innovative SAR Concepts      
 E2       Bi- and Multistatic SAR Systems, Passive SAR Systems        
 E3       Multimode and Reconfigurable SAR Systems   
 E4       Multi-Satellite and Small Satellite SAR Systems
 E5       Three Dimensional SAR Techniques
 (F)      Other SAR Related Subjects