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Cooperating Partners

CMP Usergroups of: Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and USA


German CMP User Group

The German CMP User Group was founded in 1998 and is operating under the roof of the German VDE/VDI-Society Microelectronics, Micro- and Precision Engineering (GMM). It supports the interests of about 400 German (and European) CMP Users and organizes semi-annual meetings/workshops. The German CMP UG is represented by Dr. Gerfried Zwicker from Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology. Contact at VDE/VDI-GMM is Dr. Ronald Schnabel.

Link: www.gmm-cmpusergroup.com


Korea CMP User Group

The Korea CMP User Group was founded in 1995 by CMP R&D engineers of chip makers and is operating with the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers(KIEEME) and SEMI Korea. It supports the interests of more than 800 members and 100 companies and organizes industrial or academic conferences at all seasons. The Korea CMP UG is represented by Prof. Haedo Jeong from Pusan National University.

Link: www.cmpugm.com


USA Chemical Mechanical Polishing Users Group

The USA Chemical Mechanical Polishing Users Group (CMPUG) was formed in October 1995 as a subgroup of the NCCAVS to explore the technology and issues associated with this fast growing technology. The CMPUG's main activity is a quarterly meeting with technical presentations on a topic of current interest to the CMP community. Attendance at the meetings is approximately 60-80 people, and the e-mail distribution list includes over 1,000 members. The 14 member planning committee is comprised by members from IDMs, equipment, consumable suppliers and academia. The 2007 committee is chaired by Gwen Moran of Advantiv Technologies.".

Link: http://www.avsusergroups.org/



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