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IFESS 2008 –

from movement to mind

13th Annual International

FES Society Conference


Konzerthaus Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany

September 21st - 25th, 2008



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From movement to mind – the applications of electrical stimuli to treat diseases and to restore motor and sensory functions have tremendously grown over the last decades. While “classical“ electrical stimulation mainly addressed the functional rehabilitation of paralyzed limbs, stories of success have been written in the field of cochlea implants, deep brain and vagal nerve stimulation. Recording of bioelectrical signals covers the whole range from diagnosis to rehabilitation. Recently, electrical stimulation has been proven to be successful to treat psychiatric disorders, retinal vision prostheses have been gone in human clinical trials and brain-computer-interfaces provided paralyzed patients a control interface to communicate via a computer screen.

IFESS 2008 presents latest state of the art in the allied fields of functional electrical stimulation, neural engineering, neurosciences and neurological disabilities and promotes interdisciplinary discussions between clinicians, physiotherapists, biomedical engineers, and neuroscientists.

The conference provides special interest group workshops for researchers and clinicians at different levels of knowledge including technological developments, clinical applications, and regulatory affairs as well as regular oral and poster presentations. An accompanying exhibition gives an overview of relevant products in the field of electrical stimulation and neural modulation.



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