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Mark your calendar now for Networks 2008 in Budapest, Hungary ! More details will follow soon !
Networks 2006 - Planning for the Benefits of Convergence and NGN

Networks 2006 will focus on the challenges of planning networks to deliver on the promise of Convergence and NGN. The challenges are many - how to build high performance networks for converged services where every step is cost justified and drives profitable growth, where difficult issues of scalability, end-to-end network performance, network management, reliability, security and interoperability are planned and then realized, and where flexibility is maintained to allow experimentation with new applications that can foster new and compelling revenue streams for operators. Unleashing the core value of convergence requires innovation in network planning methods, scalable architectures, new optimization algorithms, and understanding the tradeoffs between different technology choices and migration paths.

We are living in very interesting times right now. The revolution we had been hoping for is finally taking place. Mobile and fixed operators are moving to next generation networks. Hundreds of trials are underway. Many operators have made recent commitments, very significant investments towards their future vision, often reducing spending drastically on extensions to current infrastructures to allow spending on new platforms. At such times, industry professionals are on a high learning growth curve and there is an urgent need for forums where true learning can occur thru the exploration of diverse perspectives and opposing viewpoints, the presentation of leading-edge results in planning specific networks, and state-of-the art methods and tools.

Networks 2006 provides such an opportunity. It is the 12th of such symposia, held every two years, and attracting participants from all over the world - from network operators, to systems and software companies, to researchers from universities and industry, to systems integrators. At Networks 2006, we will continue the tradition of state-of-the art papers, invited presentations, and panel sessions, as international experts present their latest findings and share experiences in network strategy, planning, operations, management, and design.

May we invite you to participate in Networks 2006 !


Networks 2006 provides the following exciting contents that you can't afford to miss:

Keynote Session 1

Turning Communications Innovations into Enablers for Economic Growth -
Top 5 Challenges

G. Young, Chief Technology Officer, Tata TeleServices, India
R. N. Padukone, Sr. Deputy Director General, Telecommunications Engg. Center, Government of India

Keynote Session 2

The Future of Networks - Summarizing Trends

A. Valdar, University College London, UK

Hot Seat Session 1

The Promise of IMS - Myth vs. Reality
Chair: R. Thanawala, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies,
Holmdel, USA

S.Ahuja, VP Convergence Networks and Services Research, Bell Labs, USA
Bernard Jarry-Lacombe, Network Design and Architecture, France Telecom

Hot Seat Session 2

Should Voice be Free? Alternative Emerging Business Models -
Are they sustainable?
Chair: A. Valdar, University College London, UK

A. Antonopoulos, Business School, University of Budapest, Hungary and partner at Working Knowledge Consulting Company 
A. Das, BT, India

  • Plenary Sessions
    The plenary sessions of the symposium will be distinguished by presentations and debates of some of the foremost figures in the telecommunications industry.

Plenary Session 1

Challenges and Progress towards Convergence
Chair: O. Gonzalez-Soto, ITU Consultant, Spain

T. Murakami, NTT Corp., Tokyo, Japan
T. Harris, BT Group, Singapore

Plenary Session 2

Opportunities in the Emerging Services Environment-Business Drivers
Chair: A. Ciarniello, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy

A. Somma, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy
J. Gross, Arcor, Germany
M. Bass, Lucent Technologies, USA

Plenary Session 3

IPTV - Technology Solutions and Business Trends
Chair: B. Jarry-Lacombe, France Telecom

A. Kapur, Alcatel, India
M. Borgne, France Telecom R&D

Plenary Session 4

Access: The Last Mile - When is Copper at its End?
Chair: J. Gross, Arcor, Germany

O. Gordien, Alcatel, India
A. Ciarniello, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy

Plenary Session 5

Broadband Wireless Perspectives
Chair: G. Sallai, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

A. Wahi, Alcatel, India
P. Janeck, Hungarian Telekom, Budapest, Hungary

  • Technical Programme
    The symposium will feature technical presentations on network strategy, planning, management and design. They will be selected from submitted papers through peer review.

  • Tutorials
    Tutorial sessions on Monday, November 6 will provide education on various topics in network strategy, planning, management and design. Experts from industry and science are invited to propose relevant contributions for the tutorial programme.

Tutorial 1
IP-Oriented QoS in the Next Generation Networks: Application to Wireless Networks
P. Lorenz, Université de Haute Alsace, Colmar, France

Tutorial 2
Security for Next Generation Networks
U. Chandrashekhar, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA

Tutorial 3
Design of Reliable GMPLS Optical Networks: Challenges and Solutions

A. Jajszczyk, P. Cholda, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

Tutorial 4
IP Multimedia Subsystem
M. El-Sayed, Advanced Network Modeling & Optimization Group at Bell Labs Research, Lucent Technologies, Holmdel, USA

Tutorial 5
IP Routing
D. Medhi, University of Missouri-Kansas-City, USA

Tutorial 6 is cancelled

Tutorial 7
MPLS - the importance of offering the right solution at the right moment
Timeliness, benefits, and deployment from the origins, to ATM, to Optical Networks 

M. Baldi, Technical University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino), Italy

  • Tool Demonstration 
    A tools demonstration is planned to give companies the opportunity to present   themselves and their services as well as latest developments in hard- and software.

  • Social Program
    Welcome reception and conference dinner

Members of the International Management and Scientific Committee (IMSC)

Alberto Ciarniello, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy
Oscar Gonzalez-Soto, ITU Consultant, Spain
Joachim Gross, Arcor, Germany
Wolfgang Gross, T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH, Germany
Akiya Inoue, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan
Hideaki Yoshino,  NTT Corp., Japan
Bernard Jarry-Lacombe, France Telecom, France
Sang-Baeg Kim, Korea Telecom, Korea
Hussein T. Mouftah, University of Ottawa, Canada
Lawrence Paratz, Telstra Corp., Australia
Gyula Sallai, Budapest University of Technology and Economics,Hungary
Rati C. Thanawala, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA
Andy Valdar, University College London, UK