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Available presentations:


Keynote 2

The Future of Networks - Summarizing Trends
A. Valdar, University College, London, UK
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Plenary 1

Challenges and Progress towards Convergence
O. Gonzalez-Soto, ITU Consultant, Spain; T. Murakami, NTT Corp., Tokyo, Japan;
T. Harris, BT Group, Singapore
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Plenary 2

Opportunities in the Emerging Services Environment-Business Drivers
A. Ciarniello, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy; A. Somma, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy; J. Gross, Arcor, Germany; M. Bass, Lucent Technologies, USA
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Plenary 4

Access: The Last Mile - When is Copper at its End?
J. Gross, Arcor, Germany; O. Gordien, Alcatel, India; A. Ciarniello, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy
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Plenary 5

Broadband Wireless Perspectives
G. Sallai, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary; A. Wahi, Alcatel, India; P. Janeck, Hungarian Telecom, Budapest, Hungary
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Hot Seat 2

Should Voice be Free? Alternative Emerging Business Models - Are they sustainable?
A. Valdar, University College, London, UK; A. Antonopoulos, Business School, University of Budapest, Hungary and Partner at Working Knowledge Consulting Company; A. Das, BT, India
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