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By uploading my final paper, in the EDAS web-site, a "conference registration-number" is required, what do I have to enter?
-  Since the registration for the conference has to be done either on-line or by fax, you don't have to give in EDAS a registration number, so please by uploading your final paper, don't pay attention to this request. 

I will present two papers at the PIMRC 2005. How is it feasible to add two EDAS numbers for one registration?
- The On-line registration service accepts only a maximum of 10 figures, which corresponds to the EDAS Paper ID Number. If you have two papers you have to make a second registration.

In case of having two papers accepted for the conference. Shall I pay a single fee (600 EUR) or other rate?
Each accepted PIMRC 2005 paper must have at least one Full Registration before June 15th, 2005 in order to be included in the conference proceedings. In case of multiple accepted papers of one author, multiple registrations are also mandatory.

Why do I have to pay twice when I present two papers?
- This is due to the fact that you will register for the papers, you will have two (or more) papers referenced in the conference proceedings. We would also like to call you attention on the fact that the paper overlength fee is 100,- EUR for each additional page. That means that apart  from the  participation costs, you should have had to pay the same amount for the recording of your papers.

I don't have a credit card, can I pay by bank transfer?
- The sole accepted ways of payment are either by credit card or by cheque (acceptable for a German bank). Money transfer exclusively by using the  IBAN Number: DE49 7003 0800 0036 3160 32. In case  transfer charges are imposed to VDE, these charges have to be paid by the sender.

I have two papers, can I send the same Copyright form for both papers?
- Please send a separate form for each paper. Don't forget to mention on your registration and your Copyright form your EDAS Paper ID number.

I need to apply for a visa, can you please send me an invitation letter ?
- Please note that VDE does not deliver invitation letters. As mentioned on the e-mail notifications, authors who need to apply for a visa will receive on request a confirmation letter to be presented at the German Embassy.