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Final Paper Submission

Important Remarks for Final Paper Submission

Authors are requested to submit their paper electronically through the EDAS online submission interface at http://edas.info/home.cgi?c=4403 not later than June 22, 2005.

After June 22, 2005, the papers to be published on the PIMRC 2005 proceedings CD-ROM will be downloaded from EDAS. We will not edit or update the files we downloaded from EDAS after June 15, 2005. Title and Author information will be extracted from the EDAS database entry and not from the file you uploaded.

Please check all other information in your EDAS account, especially name and affiliation, since this information will be used for compiling the program and the CD-ROM. Please also check the author list of your paper's EDAS entry for completeness and correctness.

Please make sure that your file prints correctly, especially - if applicable - make sure that it displays and prints properly without requiring other than the standard Latin fonts (e.g., Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew character sets must not be required to display or print the paper).

*Important note*: The total length of a paper is limited to five pages. However, upon payment of an over-length page fee, papers up to 8 pages will be allowed.

Your paper will only be included in the program schedule and in the proceedings CD-ROM if:

  1. There is at least one full registration by you or by one of your co-authors, and payment for this registration has been received by June 22, 2005.
  2. The filled and signed IEEE copyright form has been sent by fax to the VDE Conference Services office, Fax number +49 69 9631 5213 by June 22, 2005.
  3. The over-length page fee is paid (with the conference registration) when manuscript exceeds 5 pages.
  4. The manuscript is compliant with the paper formatting rules (see below).


Camera Ready Paper Layout Requirements

It is recommended to use the IEEE Transaction Style for preparing the manuscript. You can download a LaTeX template (IEEEtran.zip, 348 kB and IEEEtranBST.zip, 552 kB) and an MS word (TRANS-JOUR.doc, 92 kB) template. For additional information concerning templates please visit IEEE's page on IEEE Transactions LaTeX and Microsoft Word Style Files.

If you decide not to use one of these templates, the manuscript must be compliant with the following paper formatting rules:

  • The page format must be DIN-A4 (21.0 cm 29.7 cm)
  • Set left and right margins to 1.5 cm
  • Set top margin to 2.5 cm, and bottom margin to 4.0 cm
  • Do not place anything outside the above margins
  • Use two 8.6 cm width columns per page, with a 0.8 cm spacing between them
  • The paper must be typed using single spacing
  • Use Times New Roman or Times Roman font, and all text (except the title) must be 10pt
  • Title must be 24pt, bold, all caps
  • Author's names, in bold, follow after a blank line
  • Author's affiliations follow after a blank line
  • Title, author's names and affiliations must be page-centred, taking the width of the two columns
  • Use capitals for section titles, and italics for subsection title;
  • Figures, tables and equations must have separate sequential numbering
  • Captions must be centred, and placed above tables and underneath figures
  • Embed all tables, charts, figures and images within the text
  • Do not number pages, and do not use footnotes
  • Your pdf document should be sent as an open file, i.e. without any data protection

Please do not use the Adobe Acrobat PDFWriter to generate the PDF file. Use the Adobe Acrobat Distiller instead, which is contained in the same package as the Acrobat PDFWriter. Make sure that you have used Type 1 or True Type Fonts (check with the Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Writer by clicking on File>Document Properties>Fonts to see the list of fonts and their type used in the PDF document).

*Important Note*: please remove any protection against text extraction from your PDF file! We need to be able to copy and paste text from your file for preparation of conference proceedings CD-ROM and related material.