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Conference registration


Registration must be carried out on-line. Before proceeding with registration, it is recommended to read the instructions below.

Click here to proceed with PIMRC 2005 On-line Registration or download the registration form  and send it by fax to +49-69-9631 5213.

In case that you already have registered for the conference, you also have to possibility to register again just for the tutorials. See tutorial registration details under the tutorial section.


Registration policy

According to the Conference Registration Policy, each accepted PIMRC 2005 paper must have at least one Full Registration (even if the presenting author is student) attached to it before June 22th, 2005 in order to be included in the conference proceedings. In case of multiple accepted papers of one author, multiple registration is also mandatory. No reduction is granted for the registration of additional papers!

For additional information please read the FAQ's first.


Registration fees


Presenting Author registration latest on 22th June 2005

Presenting Author

600 EUR

Paper overlength fee (maximum paper size of 8 pages)

100 EUR/ page exceeding 5 pages


Attendee registration


Registration fee before
12th August 2005

Registration fee after
12th August 2005

Full Member* (VDE, EUREL, IEEE) 

600 EUR

750 EUR


750 EUR

925 EUR

IEEE Life Member / VDE Pensionär

200 EUR

250 EUR

IEEE / VDE Student Member

200 EUR

250 EUR

Notice that, if you register as a presenting author, you have to provide the EDAS-Paper ID number on your registration.

VDE/ EUREL and IEEE Full and Students Members are required to send together with their registration a valid Member Card by e-mail to vde-conferences@vde.com or by fax to +49-69 96 31 5213 in order to validate their registration, otherwise Full Registration will be required on-site.

Full registration includes entry to all sessions (except Tutorials), Welcome Reception, Gala Dinner, Coffee Breaks and Conference Record CD-ROM.

IEEE / VDE Student Member and Life Member registration includes entry to all sessions (except Tutorials), Coffee Breaks and Conference Record CD-ROM.


Registration options

You can optionally register for:


Before 12th August 2005

After 12th August 2005

Full day

320 EUR

400 EUR

Morning Session

250 EUR

350 EUR

Afternoon Session

250 EUR

350 EUR

If it is necessary to cancel a Tutorial, the liability of PIMRC 2005 is limited to return of the tutorial fee. There is no reduced student fee for attending a tutorial.

For detailed tutorial description please visit the Tutorial section in PIMRC 2005 web site.

  • Additional Gala Dinner ticket (on September 13, 2005) at the cost of 90 EUR.
  • Additional Conference CD-ROM, at the cost of 30 EUR.


 Payment can be carried out by:

  • Credit card
    1. On-line option: Once you have completed your on-line Registration, please choose this option and follow instructions there. You must receive e-mail confirmation in less than 3 working days. If confirmation is not received, please contact  vde-conferences@vde.com 
    2. Fax option: Please print the registration form, complete it with your credit card details and fax it to +49-69-9631 5213. You will receive a confirmation by post mail. If confirmation is not received, please contact vde-conferences@vde.com  
  • Check payment (make payable to VDE Conference Services in Euro). You will receive e-mail confirmation as soon as check is received. If confirmation is not received, please contact  
    vde-conferences@vde.com . Check must be sent to:

VDE- Conference Services
Stresemannallee 15
60596 Frankfurt  - Germany

Cancellation policy: All requests for refund must be in writing and received on or prior 12th August 2005. No refunds will be given after this date. There will be a 100 EUR service charge for all refunds.