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Call for Papers
2nd Call for Papers for EuCAP 2009, 23-27 March 2009, Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Format of the Conference

The conference combines the following formats:

  • Plenary sessions with invited keynote papers
  • Oral sessions, workshops, short courses
  • Posters
  • Exhibition 

The number of convened sessions will be balanced to keep the conference open for interesting submissions. Posters will be presented in a large central area to attract the attention of participants and to foster fruitful technical discussions.


Abstract Submission

An abstract of maximum 2 pages (including figures) must be submitted electronically in Adobe Acrobat PDF format using the EDAS® conference management system before 27 September 2008 for review by the Technical Programm Committee.

Please choose from the following tracks for submitting your paper abstract

and find instructions for abstract submission and the handling of EDAS® here.

Acceptance will be notified by 14 November 2008.
Full papers must be submitted before
10 January 2009.






A1 Active and integrated antennas

A2 Antenna interactions and coupling

A3 Antennas for remote sensing and radio astronomy

A4 Array antennas incl. reflect arrays

A5 Automotive antennas

A6 Beamforming, data processing and multiple beam antennas

A7 Electromagnetic theory and numerical techniques

A8 Electromagnetic exposure and interactions

A9 Medical applications

A10 Millimeter / Sub-millimeter wave and THz technologies

A11 MIMO, smart and signal processing antennas

A12 Mobile communication

A13 Multiband, wideband, UWB antennas

A14 New materials, meta-materials, EBG structures

A15 Planar and conformal antennas

A16 Printed elements, baluns and associated circuits

A17 RCS Reduction, Prediction, Imaging and related theory

A18 Reconfigurable antennas

A19 Reflector and lens antennas

A20 Small antennas, RFID tags and sensors

A21 Space application antennas (communication & navigation)

A22 Wearable antennas

A23 Other antenna topics



P1 Mobile Propagation channel measurements and modelling

P2 Polarisation in propagation and remote sensing

P3 Propagation and scattering in vegetation

P4 Propagation aspects in wireless sensor networks

P5 Propagation for fixed satellite services

P6 Propagation for maritime and aeronautical applications

P7 Propagation for mobile satellite services and navigation

P8 Propagation models for automatic network planning

P9 Propagation models for millimetre and sub millimetre waves

P10 Radio climatology

P11 Rough surface and random media scattering

P12 Short-wave propagation

P13 Stochastic and deterministic channel modelling

P14 Trans-ionospheric propagation

P15 UWB channel modelling

P16 Vehicle-to-X channel modelling

P17 Other propagation topics



M1 Measurements of antennas and radar scattering

M2 Advances in indoor and outdoor test ranges

M3 Measurement standards and laboratory comparisons

M4 Advances in near-field, far-field, compact and RCS ranges

M5 Data acquisition, algorithms and processing methods

M6 Measurement imaging, algorithms and processing techniques

M7 Diagnostics methods for antenna acceptance testing

M8 Phased-array antenna testing

M9 Adaptive antenna/smart antenna measurements

M10 EMI/EMC/PIM chamber design, measurements and instrumentation

M11 Cellular and automotive application measurements

M12 RF material design, measurements and instrumentation

M13 Satellite antenna measurements

M14 Ultra-wideband or frequency independent antenna measurements

M15 MM-wave/quasi-optical antenna measurements

M16 Other measurement topics


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