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Final Paper Submission
The extended deadline for final manuscript submission is 20 January 2009

Final Manuscript Submission and Author Guidelines

Congratulations on having your paper accepted at the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) 2009.

Each paper in the Proceedings of EuCAP 2009 will be published from a file uploaded by the author to the EDAS site used earlier for the submission of the abstract. All manuscripts have to be received electronically in .pdf format and must be compatible with IEEE Xplore. Please note that the organizer will check that for every paper at least one author has registered before the paper is included in the conference proceedings CD-ROM; furthermore, failing to present the paper at the conference (no-show) will prevent from the inclusion of the paper in the volume transferred to the IEEE Xplore digital library.

The extended deadline for final manuscript submission is 20 January 2009!

The Final Manuscript maximum length is five pages, longer papers will be truncated or excluded from the Proceedings. The maximum final file size is 1.25 Mbyte. Please follow the instructions below carefully to ensure that your uploaded Final Manuscript is compatible with IEEE Xplore formatting requirements: EuCAP2009 authors have access to PDF eXpress for the conversion of papers into PDF files. The EDAS submission site will check the submitted files for compliance and will reject non-compliant files. Failure to comply will prevent proper publication or accreditation of your work.

Manuscript Preparation

• The Conference Proceedings CD and electronic copy on IEEE Xplore will be in colour, but
  many readers print and use the papers in black and white (b&w) only. So, please check your
  final manuscript for legibility in both b&w and colour representations.
• Do not include headers, footers or page numbers.
• Please note that no additional content editing will be performed.

Manuscript Format

• Please use one of the supplied templates: 

     o MS Word Template 
     o LaTeX Template

• It is best to start writing your paper by entering the text into the template, to make sure that all
  formatting is correct.
• The information on page layout and formatting can be found in the templates
• Index terms should be listed, keywords can be found at the IEEE keyword list.

Manuscript File Preparation

• Detailed instructions on IEEE Xplore compatibility can be found at
  http://www.ieee.org/web/publications/authors/xplorepdfs/ ; the main items are
  embed all fonts
  no passwords, no bookmarks, no links
• You can use PDF eXpress to check your existing pdf file; for access to IEEE eXpress see 
• The use of PDF eXpress for the conversion of your paper is recommended:

     o Prepare your manuscript in any file format acceptable to PDF eXpress, e.g. in MSWord. 
     o Embed all figures and captions within the text.
     o Ensure legibility; simplify all figures and tables and maintain uniformity of style throughout.
     o Go to the PDF eXpress site, click on the link “New Users-Click Here” and fill in your  
        information. You will need the Conference ID which is “eucap09x” .
     o Then, login using your email address, password and conference ID and deliver your file for
        conversion into pdf format (or have your existing pdf file checked).
     o If required, incorporate the requested changes, resubmit to PDF eXpress.

• Check both colour and b&w representations of the final certified file.
• Maximum Final Manuscript length is 5 pages with .pdf file size less than 1.25 Mbyte.

Manuscript File Submission

With an IEEE Xplore compatible file, you then upload the file to the same EDAS site that you used for the submission of the abstract paper:
• After Login to EDAS click on the tab “My Papers” which will bring you the list of papers
  presently submitted to EDAS.
• Choose your accepted EuCAP2009 paper and click on the “Upload“ symbol.
• Enter the conference registration code as EuCAP2009 and load the directory/file name of your
  paper and click “Upload manuscript” .

Please, try to deliver your final paper well in time before the dead line; for help refer to
vde-conferences@vde.com or the conference chairs.

Copyright Agreement

When transmitting the final manuscript, authors of accepted papers are considered to have read and accepted the Copyright policy (Copyright Agreement) .

Thank you for your careful cooperation and for selecting EuCAP2009 to publish your work.