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Welcome to the EUREL website.

The Convention of National Societies of Electrical Engineers of Europe (EUREL) is a non-profit organisation. EUREL represents 15 Member Societies in 15 Countries across greater Europe.

The aim of this website is:

  • to inform engineers about the activities of EUREL      
  • to inform engineers about MAs they can join and their activities
  • to distribute documentation to MAs
  • to inform MA officials of the latest news/information 
  • to inform other interested parties what EUREL is and does

The EUREL Mission:

  • To facilitate exchange of information and foster a wider dissemination of scientific, technical and other information relevant to Electrical Engineering between Members and other interested bodies.
  • To represent members with regional, national and international authorities, organizations or agencies, public or private.
  • To foster multilateral cooperation between Member Societies and with other interested bodies, each Society retaining its independence

EUREL Programmes:

  • Specialised Task Forces
  • Project Groups
  • Publications
  • External Events
  • European Union interfaces

EUREL Publications:
EUREL Member Societies provide 55 different publications to their members for a total of 509 issues per year or 35,000 pages

Conferences Conferences
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