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Why join the VDE?

Over 33,000 engineers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and students are members of the VDE and are closely integrated into a broad network of experts in the fields of information-, energy-, micro- and nano technologies, medical engineering and automation. Interested? Take a look online at the advantages offered by a VDE membership, and check our attractive package offers - including free first-year membership for new members.

Your advantages:

· Continuing education and knowledge transfers
· Interdisciplinary and international contacts
· Exclusive Web offers for members
· Scientific awards and distinctions
· Discounts for conferences and professional literature
· Subscription to dialog, the VDE newsletter
· Literature searches in FIZ Technik
· Free for students: annual subscription to, and job advertisements in etz or ntz, VDE Conferences, and the FAZ university gazette


 Download: VDE-Membership Application Form

And what does VDE membership cost?

Individual members pay no fees for the first year.

Annual fees

Full members 72 euros
Junior members 12 euros
Career beginners (first four years) 28 euros

Special rates for the new German states

Full members 56 euros
Junior members 12 euros
Career beginners (first four years) 22 euros

Membership in one of the specialist societies is free; an additional 10 euros is charged for the second extra society membership and 20 euros for every further membership. The respective fees in the new German states are 7.50 euros and 15 euros. Additional society memberships are free of charge for students.

Multiple memberships

Individual VDE members are given a 25% membership fee discount if they also belong to one or more of the following associations and societies:

DECHEMA Deutsche Gesellschaft für chemisches Apparatewesen
DEGA Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik
DGG Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft
DGMK Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mineralölwissenschaft und Kohletechnik
DPG Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
DVS Deutscher Verein für Schweißtechnik
FME Fachausschuß des maschinen- und elektrotechnischen Dienstes
GDCh Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
GI Gesellschaft für Informatik
IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
LitG Lichttechnische Gesellschaft
VDEh Verein Deutscher Eisenhüttenleute
VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

European membership

VDE members automatically belong to EUREL (Federation of the National Electrotechnical Associations of Europe) as well. When traveling abroad, VDE members enjoy the same privileges (discounted participation fees, use of libraries, etc.) as the members of local professional associations. Local VDE offices issue EUREL membership cards.
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