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Tutorial 10 - Advanced Topics on Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks

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Prof. C K Toh
University  of London Queen Mary


Brief Outline
1. Ad hoc Fundamentals
2. Advanced Topics in Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks
2.1. Addressing & Auto Configuration
2.2. Power Issues
2.3. Ad Hoc Service Discovery
3. Future topics
4. Conclusion

Biography CK Toh:
CK Toh is the recipient of the 2005 IEEE Institution Kiyo Tomiyasu Award, for "pioneering contributions in communication protocols for ad hoc mobile wireless networks". He was an IEEE Expert Lecturer and author of the Prentice Hall Engineering Title Best Seller - "Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks: Protocols & Systems". He is currently a Chair Professor in Communication Networks with Queen Mary University of London. He is a Fellow of IEE, British Computer Society, New Zealand Computer Society and Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.